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Catch of the Week

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Catch of the Week: Opossum


A homeowner in Winterset recently spotted a mother opossum in their yard. See how Preferred Pest handles the situation.

Catch of the Week: Bat


Find out more about bats as they become more frequent in Des Moines! Our most recent sighting was in an Urbandale home.

Catch of the Week: Carpenter Bee


Carpenter bees have a unique ability that might surprise you! Find out what our exterminators found in Urbandale.

Catch of the Week: Cicada Killer Wasps


Learn more about Cicada Killer Wasps from our pest professionals! Our most recent encounter was near a Des Moines home.

Catch of the Week: Bees


Learn about our pest professionals' latest job outside a home in West Des Moines. They found a honeybee hive hidden in a tree branch!

Catch of the Week: Antlion


Check out our latest job in Norwalk with a common Iowa pest you haven't heard of.

Catch of the Week: Snakes


Learn about our technician's latest job at a Des Moines home with a snake in their pool!

Catch of the Week: Birds


Learn about our latest catch in Des Moines!

Catch of the Week: Squirrel


Learn about our technicians latest job at a Johnston home with a serious squirrel problem!

Catch of the Week: Termites


Summer is right around the corner - and with the warm weather comes one particularly pesky critter: termites. Learn about our latest job with these pests!

Showing 1 - 10 of 121