Catch of the Week: Carpenter Ants

Catch of the Week: Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant Removal

Throughout the warmer months it is not uncommon to notice ants scurrying here and there - but how do you know if the situation has escalated and you have an infestation on your hands? This past week our technicians were called to a Des Moines home that was experiencing every homeowner's worst nightmare, a carpenter ant infestation. Once the ants have made their colony, it can easily grow to about 5,000 ants if not taken care of properly.

Carpenter Ant Behavior

Carpenter ants have the ability to live both indoors and outdoors. These pests prefer decaying or hollow wood for their nests which produces excess wood shavings when they begin to dig. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood but rather feed on a variety of foods such as sweets or meat.

How to Detect a Carpenter Ant Infestation

A carpenter ant infestation becomes noticeable when homeowners begin to see carpenter ant swarmers. This will indicate that the colony has matured, and they are ready to build a new satellite colony. Additional signs are when the swarmers are on the lookout for food and begin to take flight.

Des Moines Pest Control

Are carpenter ants taking over your Des Moines property? Our team of technicians can help! Preferred Pest is dedicated to removing carpenter ants from your property in a safe and efficient manner that will ensure they do not come back. For help with carpenter ant removal, schedule an appointment with us online or give us a call at (515) 276-7277 today!